Metropolitan and Border Police

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Ranks and Rank Insignia

  (2,200) Police Headquarters (2,200)  
    Criminal Office (100)  
    Police School (100)  
    Metropolitan Police Headquarters (500)  
      5 District Headquarters  
          Police Posts  
    Border Guard Headquarters (500)  
      Border Sectors North/East/South  
        Immigration Posts  
      Maritime Sector  
        Immigration Post Harbour  
        Boat Squadron  
      Air Sector  
          Immigration Post Airport  
          Radar Station Post *)  
          Flying Squadron  
    National Guard Headquarters (1,000)  
        Signal Company  
        Motor Company  
        Maintenance Company  
        Music Corps  
        Armoured Personnel Carrier Battalion  
          3 Companies  
        Rifle Battalion  
            3 Companies  

*) monitoring the air traffic control radar picture at the Aeronautical Authority

Airspace control and border patrol aircraft Me-109 (former Meritéan Aircraft Industries), legacy of the Meritéan air force

One of 3 Utanian-built Silovsky S92 helicopters purchased in May 303 for maritime and search & rescue operations

Rank Designation
(military equivalent)
Police President

Chief of Police

Senior Police Director

Border Guard / National Guard Commanders

Police Director
(Lieutenant Colonel)

Criminal Office / Police School / Metropolitan Police / Maritime Sector / Air Sector / Battalion Commanders

Police Commissioner

District / Border Sector / Squadron / Company Commanders

Police Chief Master
(Staff Sergeant)

Post / Platoon Leader

Police Master

Patrol / Section Leader

Police Beat Master




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